- Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ competition - Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ competition - Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ competition - Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ competition

Competition Rules


1.1. The 11th Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition shall be held in Lawrence, Kansas, USA - April 4-6 2019, Hamburg, Germany - May 13-18 2019, Moscow, Russia - August 28-31 2019. Thereafter, the selected contestants move to Kaliningrad to participate in the second and third rounds (Kaliningrad, Russia - September 3-9 2019).

1.2. The contestants are free to choose the place of their participation in the first round.

1.3. The Competition may be participated be the organists born not earlier than January 1, 1985.

1.4. Application forms duly filled in should be sent

a) to the postal address:
The Organizing Committee of the 11. M. Tariverdiev International Organ Competition
Usiyevicha Street 9/60,
MOSCOW, 125319, Russia

b) By E-mail to:

c) from the web-site:

Information as to participate in the Competition may be received from:

Olga Spiridonova,
Executive Secretary of the Competition
International Centre of Festivals, Competitions and Cultural Cooperation
Tel: +7 (903) 255 9467
Fax: +7 (495) 605 1278

Mrs. Vera Herkenberg
Representative of the Organizing Committee
Executive Director of the Competition in Germany
Tel. +49 451 3982963
Fax: +49 451 3982964

Mrs. Christine Mielsch
Representative of the Organizing Committee
Communications Manager of the Competition in Germany
Tel. +49 40 53789892
Fax: +49 40 5316803

Dane and Polly Bales Professor of Organ
Bales Organ Recital Hall
1600 Stewart Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045, US
Phone: 913-708-1213
Fax: 785-864-2789

1.5. Deadline: the documents shall be sent not later than , March 1, 2019 (Hamburg, Kansas), and June, 1, 2019 (Moscow). Date of filing is deemed the date of sending the documents.

1.6. The application form shall be accompanied with the following documents:

a) copy of the passport;
b) copy of the certificate of music education;
c) artistic curriculum vitae stating the places of study and work in Russian or English or German;
d) letter of recommendation of the music education institution, organ professor or a famous musician or figure of music art;
e) two photos;
f) completed application stating the detailed program to be performed per every round;

All documents may be sent via e-mail.

1.7. Registration fee: EUR 50 shall be paid upon arrival to the Competition during the registration before the first round. American contestants do not pay registration fee. Russian contestants shall pay the registration fee in ruble equivalent at the official exchange rate as of the first day of the Competition.

1.8. All contestants will be sent a letter of invitation (via E-mail) by the Organizing Committee not later than March 1, 2019 (Hamburg, Kansas), July 1 2019 (Moscow).

Rules of the Competition

2.1. Outstanding musicians from various countries will be invited to join the panel of the International Jury of the Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition.

2.2. The competition shall be conducted publicly and comprised of three rounds: first selection round and two final rounds. Each piece may be performed only in one round.

2.3. The order of performance is determined by casting before the first and second rounds.

2.4. Winners of other international or national competitions are not released from the participation in the first round.

2.5. Contestants of the first round in Hamburg and Kansas are not admitted to participate in the first round in Moscow.

2.6. The selection rounds in Kansas, Hamburg, and Moscow are judged by separate groups of jury members (up to five persons). The Organizing Committee shall provide participation of at least one representative of each of the groups in the work of further two final rounds (up to nine members).

2.7. The decisions of the Jury are final and cannot be reviewed.

2.8. The first round may be participated by not more than 15 contestants in the Kansas and not more than 20 contestants in Moscow and Hamburg.

2.9. No more than 50% of the contestants of the first round will be admitted to the second round.

2.10. Not more than 6 contestants will be admitted to the final Third Round. The final ranking and awards will be decided at the concluding meeting of the Jury.

2.11. The Jury shall have the right to curtail the program or stop the performance if all its members so decide.

2.12. All laureates and award winner shall perform in 3 concerts after the Competition free of charge.

2.13. The Organizing Committee reserves all rights of audio and video recording of all stages and concerts of the Competition and their further distribution, as well as the right to have them broadcast via radio or television. The Organizing Committee also has the exclusive right to entry into agreements on the distribution, marketing of the above recordings and/or broadcasting the Competition with third parties.

2.14. The contestant shall have the right to participate in the Competition with its own assistant to be mentioned in the application. Otherwise the Organizing Committee shall provide an assistant for two rehearsals and competition performances free of charge.


3.1. the following prizes and awards are offered by the Organizing Committee for the Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition:

- First Prize USD 5000 and the title of laureate;
- Second Prize USD 3000 and the title of laureate;
- Third Prize USD 2000 and the title laureate;
- Two Diplomas USD 1000 each and the title of Diploma Winner;
- Special Prize 'For the best interpretation of Mikael Tariverdiev’s works' USD 1000;
- RUSSIA’S HOPE special prize instituted by Mr. Georgy Boos - USD 5000;

The prizes will be paid in ruble equivalent at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russian Federation on the date of payment.

3.2. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to award special prizes and diplomas.

3.3. The Jury shall have the option:

a) to refrain from awarding all prizes;
b) to divide the prizes between performers (except for the First Prize)

3.4. State and public organizations, artistic unions, mass media, institutions and companies may award special prizes subject to approval of the Organizing Committee and the Jury Panel.

3.5. The followings bodies have announced their special prizes:

Shostakovich Philharmonic Society of St. Petersburg:
A Special Award 'For the best performance of the concert program in the Final Round of the Competition'. One contestant selected for the Third Round of the Competition will be awarded a concert at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society's Great Hall in the 2020-2021 season.

Art of the Goodness Foundation:
Solo recital at the Immaculate Conception Church at Moscow in the 2020-2021 season.

Financial provisions

4.1. The Organizing Committee shall cover all expenses of accommodation of contestants during the Competition.

4.2 The Organizing Committee provides visa support.

4.3.The Organizing Committee provides an assistant. The contestants shall have the right to participate with their own assistants, in this case all costs and expenses of travel and stay of their assistants shall be covered by the contestants themselves or by corresponding organizations.

4.4. Subject to prior request, the Organizing Committee will render help to the persons, accompanying the contestants, in booking a hotel, tickets for competition events and cultural programs, at the expense of the accompanying persons.

4.5. The Organizing committee shall pay the travel expenses of the winners of the first rounds in Kansas to Kaliningrad.